The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas
Provincial Grand Court of Sussex

The Order:
Officers for the year 2023 - 2024
RW Bro Lionel Broadbent Mee Provincial Grand Master : RW Bro Lionel Broadbent Mee, GCAG
VW Bro Mark Peter Donovan Deputy Provincial Grand Master : VW Bro Mark Peter Donovan, KCAG, PGSwdB
W.Bro. Richard J Bratton, KAG, PGBannerB</div>
Provincial Grand Secretary : W.Bro. Colin E Wilson, KAG, PGBannerB
W.Bro. Christopher W Eley Provincial Grand Marshal : W.Bro. Duncan S Maguire
  Provincial Eminent Grand Prior W & Em Bro.   Christopher W ELEY, PGBannerB
  Provincial Senior Grand Warden W.Bro.   Robert HANCOCK, PGBurgh
  Provincial Junior Grand Warden W.Bro.   Reg BELDAM, KAG, PGBannerB
  Provincial Grand Secretary W.Bro.   Colin E WILSON, KAG, PGBannerB
  Provincial Grand Registrar W.Bro.   Andrew FOX, PGBurgh
  Provincial Grand Treasurer W.Bro.   Gary RAGGETT
  Provincial Grand Marshal W.Bro.   Duncan S MAGUIRE
  Provincial Grand Almoner W.Bro.   George RODGER
  Provincial Grand Sword Bearer W.Bro.   Colin STANLEY
  Provincial Deputy Grand Marshal W.Bro.   Michael J WILES
  Provincial Senior Grand Deacon W.Bro.   David STOCK
  Provincial Junior Grand Deacon W.Bro.   Mark ELPHICK
  Provincial Grand Organist W.Bro.   Matthew BURT, KAG, Grand Organist, PProvGSwdB
  Provincial Grand Banner Bearer W.Bro.   Roger SHORT
  Provincial Grand Captain of the Guards W.Bro.   Rick PRIOR
  Provincial Grand Burgh W.Bro.   Roger E W HUNTLEY
  Provincial Grand Burgh     Vacant this year
  Provincial Grand Guard W.Bro.   David GRIMMER