The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas
Provincial Grand Court of Sussex

The Order:
Officers for the year 2020 - 2021
RW Bro Lionel Broadbent Mee Provincial Grand Master : RW Bro Lionel Broadbent Mee, KCAG
VW Bro Mark Peter Donovan Deputy Provincial Grand Master : VW Bro Mark Peter Donovan, KAG, PGSwdB
W.Bro. Richard J Bratton, KAG, PGBannerB</div>
Provincial Grand Secretary : W.Bro. Richard J Bratton, KAG, PGBannerB
W.Bro. Christopher W Eley Provincial Grand Marshal : W.Bro. Christopher W Eley
  Provincial Eminent Grand Prior W & Em Bro.   Eric TRODD, PGCofG
  Provincial Senior Grand Warden W.Bro.   Leslie GROUT
  Provincial Junior Grand Warden W & Em Bro.   A Peter HARTLAND, KAG, PJGD, PProvEmGPrior(Wessex)
  Provincial Grand Secretary W.Bro.   Richard J BRATTON, KAG, PGBannerB
  Provincial Grand Registrar W.Bro.   Andrew FOX
  Provincial Grand Treasurer W.Bro.   John C W HICKMAN, KAG, DepGSwdB, PProvSGW
  Provincial Grand Marshal W.Bro.   Christopher W ELEY
  Provincial Grand Almoner W.Bro.   Colin E WILSON, KAG
  Provincial Grand Sword Bearer W.Bro.    
  Provincial Deputy Grand Marshal W.Bro.   Duncan S MAGUIRE
  Provincial Senior Grand Deacon W.Bro.   Satish DHIR
  Provincial Junior Grand Deacon W.Bro.   Paul S HOLLEBONE
  Provincial Grand Organist W.Bro.   Simon A WRIGHT
  Provincial Grand Banner Bearer W.Bro.   Ian A PARSONS
  Provincial Grand Captain of the Guards W.Bro.   Rick J PRIOR
  Provincial Grand Burgh W.Bro.   Roger E W HUNTLEY
  Provincial Grand Burgh W.Bro.   Eyo N NKUNE
  Provincial Grand Guard W.Bro.   George RODGER