The Masonic Order of Athelstan in England, Wales and its Provinces Overseas
Provincial Grand Court of Sussex

Latest News from the Order
  Date story posted:   News Item:  
  09.06.22   A Candidate for The Rood at Sudtone Sari Court buffer  
  16.05.22   An Executive visit to the Court of Sion Abbey buffer  
  27.04.22   2022 Annual Assembly of Provincial Grand Court of Sussex buffer  
  17.03.22   Another Candidate for The Sword of Constantine Court buffer  
  21.02.22   Provincial Grand Master’s visit to Court of the South Saxons No 60 buffer
  14.02.22   Visit by Provincial Grand Master to the Court of Wiht-land buffer
  11.02.22   Provincial Grand Master’s Visit to the Court of Aelle buffer
  10.02.22   Annual Meeting of Provincial Grand Court of Sussex buffer
  04.01.22   Annual Assembly of the Province of Wessex buffer
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