The retirement from Office of RW Bro Roy W Leavers

Dear Sir and Brother,

The Most Worshipful Grand Master, Paul W Johnston, SGM, has, with reluctance accepted the request from W Bro Roy W Leavers, CofM, GCh, GCAG to retire from office. In accepting the request the MWGM wishes to convey the following message to the members of the Order.

It is with a great amount of sadness and reluctance that I have acceded to a request made by RW Bro Roy W. Leavers on Monday 8th February 2021 to retire as Deputy Grand Master of the Masonic Order of Athelstan with immediate effect.

Like most of us, RW Bro Roy has taken the time afforded by the pandemic to assess his commitments to many things including Freemasonry. He has held high office in our Order since 2012 when he was appointed Grand High Almoner and has achieved so much since he first took Provincial office in 2010.

Roy accepted my invitation in 2015 to take on the onerous responsibility of Grand Secretary and it is without question that his skill and experience transformed both that office and the Order as a whole. He was preferred to Assistant Grand Master in 2017 and then to Deputy Grand Master in 2018 readily offering help and advice throughout his tenures.

I was delighted and honoured to have awarded Roy the Grand Master’s Certificate of Merit in recognition of his tireless work and dedication to our Order in 2019.

As the Order is still in a state of suspension, I will take time to consider his successor as Deputy Grand Master.

Of course, it would be a negligible act on my part to allow such an experienced Mason as Roy to simply go off to enjoy the tranquillity of the country tracks in and around Walton-on-the-Hill with Bertie the dog! Following the passing of his, and our dear friend and brother RW. Bro. Brian C. Wareham, there is a vacancy for a highly qualified brother to take up the duties and responsibilities of President of the Grand Witan.

It gives me great pleasure to announce that with immediate effect RW Bro. Roy Leavers, CofM, PDGM, GCh, GCAG is duly appointed as President of the Grand Witan.

I offer my sincere gratitude to RW Bro. Bryan Ogden, KCAG for the manner in which he has discharged his duties as Acting President of the Grand Witan during the illness and sad passing of RW Bro. Brian Wareham, KAG.

MW Bro Paul W Johnston, SGM

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